In order to escape detection and ensure survival, a post-apocalyptic civilization has abandoned technology. The few states in existence have agreed upon a Treaty of Nature that severely limits the development and use of technology. A handful of “Luminaries” – themselves dabblers in emerging dark arts – monitor and enforce the treaty to keep society in check. For the moment, there is balance. However, mistrust is growing between the signing parties and there are increasing hints that some are violating the treaty, favoring instead to indulge in the advantages that come with noncompliance. Conflict ignites between those with old world beliefs and those who strive for increased industry, commerce and trade. Will civilization suffer a repeat? Will they be able to cheat death once again?

Set in a sparsely populated new world, born from the vestiges of an advanced civilization lost, SPARX blends traditional high-fantasy with the technological underpinnings of a best-forgotten past. 


Luminary Characters

Hadamard: An old school, low-tolerance Luminary charged with the defense of Gan by any means allowable under the Treaty of Nature.

Amot: An adept, young, hot-tempered Kith ranger and scout. The first to learn how to wield striker weapons.

Akrylla: A demented old shaman, scarred by experimentation in the Star Sands and intent on regaining her rightful place as a spiritual leader.

Vey: An attractive, young up-and-coming state diplomat who also functions as Hadamard’s apprentice. She is captured and radicalized by Akrylla.

Tehan: The ambitious, impulsive and unwise steward of Fort Abandon.

Taeglin: The undying descendant of the First King and the rightful ruler of Harrow, intent on rebuilding the lost empire of the new world.

Elu: A Dark Elderkin rogue, torn between two worlds and tormented by his love for a woman gone insane.

Spear Maidens (a.k.a. gryphon riders): Members of the elite, lightweight all-female order of Gan responsible for air intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).