SPARX - Three original series, one incredible saga

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Series I: Incarnation

A young teen uncovers a powerful ancient artifact – a gateway to a greater consciousness – that draws him into a high stakes game orchestrated by a ruling madman with a hidden agenda. He must tap into an inner strength and learn to harness the power of the SPARX stone before it is too late. But at what cost?

-YA epic fantasy with a "Stand by Me" feel to it


Series II: Luminary (Coming Soon)


Sparked by the industrial resurgence of forbidden technologies abandoned centuries earlier, political tensions escalate and conflicts break out in a land no longer content to remain "primitive."

- The core of the SPARX saga with a distinctive edge and sci-fi undertones.

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Series III: Orbweaver

A force long dormant awakens. In a race against time, humankind must reach beyond the known Universe in search of salvation. Set on Earth in the not so distant future, this final book of the SPARX series is actually a prequel that brings the SPARX saga full circle.

- A high octane apocalyptic sci-fi thriller.